Palo Alto Preparatory students engage in a wide number of educational activities that are specific to our students. We recognize the importance of learning both inside and outside the classroom. These activities include an international trip, an in-depth investigation of the civil rights movement, outdoor and community integrated learning.

International Trip

We believe that travel is part education. Each spring semester Palo Alto Preparatory puts together an international trip for current students Read more information about the program, as well as past destinations for Palo Alto Preparatory’s International Trip.

Sojourn to the Past

Students take part an investigation of history of the Civil Rights Movement, traveling through Atlanta, Georgia and through Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee so that students see locations of historical importance and meeting with the people who changed America. Read more Palo Alto Prep’s participation in Sojourn to the Past.

General Activities

Each year Palo Alto Prep students take place in General Activities that lead to a well rounded, understanding of the world in which we live, one that takes students out of the classroom and into nature or the community. For more information on these activities, visit the General Activities page.

Summer Trip

For Palo Alto Prep students we also have a summer trip, so they keep learning throughout the summer. Students that participate on the Summer Trip have a new learning experience. They also have a chance to focus on what they learned during the school year, so that they do not experience the backsliding that students sometimes experience during the holidays. Read more about our Summer Trip.

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Changing Lives, Redefining Education

“I have been an elementary school teacher for 31 years, so I speak from experience when I say that what you accomplished in our son is nothing short of a miracle.

My husband and I sent Shawn to you at the end of his freshman year. He was rebellious, difficult to handle and resistant to education. You have returned to us an amiable and mature graduate who desires a university education and has positive, concrete plans for his future. 

You gave him structure and stood firm on the issues you felt were important and showed patience and understanding as he struggled to find out who he was and what he really wanted out of life. Your skillful guiding of Shawn through all the difficult phases of adolescence is in large part responsible for the maturity we see in him.

We now have a son of whom we are immensely proud! We cannot thank you enough.”


Marjorie Trainer

Parent of Palo Alto Prep Graduate