Private School Mountain View, CA

Palo Alto Preparatory High School is a truly unique and small private school environment with a distinctive college preparatory program. We successfully combine structure and flexibility while we maintain an unrelenting focus on academic success. We are a closely-knit community focused on the academic and developmental growth of our students. Palo Alto Preparatory students learn to use their minds effectively to become active global citizens. Palo Alto Prep’s extraordinary teachers are committed to knowing their students and supporting them to achieve academic excellence. Students graduate from our private school in Mountain View with strong academic skills and the confidence to face the academic, professional, and personal challenges of adult life.

Preparatory School Curriculum

Palo Alto Preparatory offers an engaging curriculum that prepares students for college while also teaching them to take responsibility for their education, to think critically about the world in which they live, and to become respectful and responsible members of their community. As an academically rigorous private school, we are proud of our students’ achievements. Ninety-five percent of Palo Alto Prep graduates go directly to college. Read about our Academics to determine whether our school will be the right fit for your child.

Safe Learning

Palo Alto Preparatory is a safe learning environment focused on academic achievement and maintaining high standards. We strive to foster positive relationships between staff and students and encourage parental and community involvement. As a private school we are uniquely able to focus on the needs of individual students to improve their learning

Unique Education

Palo Alto Preparatory is a unique learning environment which provides support systems that organize the condition in which students learn best. We utilize systems that accommodate the unique learning needs of every learner and support the positive relationships needed for effective learning. We build a strong sense of self esteem and personal responsibility through the support of our tightly knit community of students, faculty and parents.

Alternative College Prep

Palo Alto Prep accentuates personal accountability for all of our actions, and we have established a way of life that brings out the very best in each of us. The following practices are our foundation: encourage individuality, emphasize personal accountability, encourage the heart, stimulate the mind, reinforce positive attitudes and behaviors, celebrate personal expression, practice compassion, act courageously.