Student Profile

Is your child passionate? Do they earnestly pursue interests and hobbies, yet shy away from the pressures of public school? We live in an area where school systems, and even peers, pressure one another to enroll in AP classes and follow the normative path of Silicon Valley’s over achievement in order to mold themselves into the expected shapes of success. While that path is sufficient for some, it leaves little room for those who don’t fit the typical profile to grow and flourish in their own way.
At Palo Alto Preparatory School, our community embraces all while celebrating each other’s differences. All our students have their own unique passions, skills, or hobbies, and can feel safe and excited pursuing them. Palo Alto Prep students understand that everyone has their own struggles and that it’s okay to move at your own pace and embrace your idiosyncrasies. Amidst our population we have makers, thinkers, artists, and musicians. We have students who learn and work in nontraditional ways. They ask hard questions, odd questions, and even uncomfortable questions — and they do so with a core of safety surrounding them while they discover and thrive.
Everybody at our school, student and staff member alike, is motivated to get to know each individual. We aim to understand, accept, and learn from each other. Many of our students, for one reason or another, have disengaged from the mainstream school system. Here,  our students are embraced and given the space to exist, as they are, in order to build their self-efficacy and self-esteem. The community of Palo Alto Preparatory school provides each student with an environment of acceptance and security; when you give students a place where they can be safe, they can learn.

When my son started at Palo Alto Prep 4 years ago, I saw it as a smaller school setting that Jacob could do his high school years.

Little did I know what a great place and good fit this school was for my son.

From the director to all the teachers that Jacob had, they all had a great influence in his life. They listened to him, challenged him and were always there to help where they could. They all showed genuine care and understanding to all of Jacob’s needs.

There were tough days as well as easy days. Each was confronted with genuine respect and understanding towards my son.

There were so many trips and events in school that one was bound to appeal his attention. The Germany trip taught him so much beyond the classroom. From travelling internationally by himself to being ready on time and travelling with a group, This was a great experience and he really grew exponentially.
This summer he graduated! My family couldn’t be so happy and so proud of him. This was not only a school he could just do high school, it was also a place where he grew and became the young adult he is now. What a Great Place!

Sally K.

Parent of Palo Alto Prep Graduate