Grading Support

Online Grading
We offer an online grading system that allows parents and students to check their updated grades weekly. Current assignments and attendance are updated daily, so that students can see and access their assignments even when they are home sick. All grades are updated weekly by Wednesday at 9 am.

Academic Support

Individualized Case Management
Palo Alto Preparatory meets as a staff weekly to discuss students. In these meetings, the staff review the academic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal progress the student is making. Decisions and programs are developed and revised based on student need. These meetings are a cornerstone in providing a support to the student-body.

Office Hours for All Students
Additionally, the staff provide office-hours to all students from 3:15-4:00. All students are able to receive support from all teachers during this time. While this is an optional time period for students, many families elect to have their child utilize this resource. For a student who stays on a regular basis, a mentor teacher is assigned to case-manage the student. The teacher helps organize the student, gives regular tutoring for the student, and will assist in creating a game-plan to catch a student up on past material.

School Support: Academic & Personal

Group Meetings
Palo Alto Preparatory realizes students need emotional support as well as academic support to find success. The school has two optional support groups that meet twice a month. Each one is facilitated by a therapist and is gender specific. This allows students to openly discuss issues and find ways to support them. The school has found this to be a crucial component concerning the well-being of the student-body.

Friday School
Palo Alto Preparatory has created a study period from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm on Friday afternoons. It is mandatory for students who have below a C- in any class. The goal is to support student learning by giving students who need more support a dedicated time to try and improve their grade.

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Changing Lives, Redefining Education

“As a recent graduate, I recommend Palo Alto Prep for students who want to enjoy their high school years while gearing up for college.

Palo Alto Prep provided me with individual attention, opportunities and help that I would not have received at another public or private school. The classes are similar to small tutoring groups which helped me to excel in previously weak areas. Faculty members offered assistance before, during and after school. They helped me with everything from choosing the colleges to which I applied to selecting from among those that offered me admission.

Because of Palo Alto Prep, I am starting my second year of college at U.C. Berkeley. Palo Alto Prep left me with fond memories and an outstanding education.”


Courtney Dickson

Palo Alto Prep Graduate