Educational Philosophy

Palo Alto Preparatory is a college preparatory school located in Mountain View that seeks to engage, challenge, and inspire each student to achieve excellence. Palo Alto Preparatory recognizes that students are individuals and have separate needs, skills, and abilities. Our educational philosophy is reflected in the aspirations we have for our students. Take a look below and see if they fit your dreams for your child’s education.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy affects how and why we run Palo Alto Prep the way we do. We are committed to the following philosophical tenets:

  • Each student’s academic growth is important and will be measured.
  • Each student is capable of attending college and will be prepared for a college of best fit for that student’s wants and needs.
  • Each student will receive an education that will prepare him or her for future success.
  • Each student will receive the support and encouragement needed to achieve at a high level.
  • Each teacher plays a role as a teacher, mentor, advocate, tutor, and evaluator, and is focused on student success.
  • Each course in the curriculum is part of a coherent whole that provides a well-rounded education based on a student’s need to master a core curriculum and apply it to real problems using 21st century skills.

Our educational philosophy informs our emphasis on academics, as well as on school structure and support. We make sure that all students have the tools they need to achieve academically and personally.

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Changing Lives, Redefining Education

“My older son has serious anxiety issues that resulted in avoiding school and all social situations.   Palo Alto Prep made my son feel like he found a school where he belonged.   Their teachers are top notch and work with each student to accommodate different learning styles.  The administration worked closely with our family and my son to ensure that he graduated and that he has options for a bright future.  Every family who has a child struggling to “fit in” at their local high school should consider Palo Alto Prep.  It is a safe learning environment where individuality is encouraged not ridiculed.”

Parent of Palo Alto Prep Graduate