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The student enrollment process at Palo Alto Prep is very simple. It consists of four steps:

  1. Contact us
  2. An interview with parents (and hopefully child)
  3. A shadow day for the student and finally
  4. A final enrollment meeting

Step 1.
Contact us:
Lisa Keck, Dean of Students,
(650) 493-7071 ext. 104

Step 2.
The Principal will speak with you about your family’s needs and your child’s current situation.

Step 3.
Your child will schedule a shadow day and spend the day attending classes at Palo Alto Prep.

Step 4.
Finalize and submit application and enrollment documents. A $3,000 deposit is required with the enrollment documents. The deposit is applied to tuition.

“To put it simply, I enjoyed  my tenure at PAP and felt that I really belonged there.  The smaller campus meant no difficulty finding my way around or making it from one class to the next in the time allotted. Looking back, I wish I could have stayed longer.

The teachers were dedicated to the students and teaching and created more interesting and creative curriculum than were available in the public schools.  I enjoyed the opportunity to learn to make my own movie and draw with quill pens.There was freedom to study similar classes from innovative perspectives.  I also enjoyed that in the small student body I was able to continue classes with former classmates and that everyone felt included.”

Jordan Briskin

Palo Alto Prep Graduate