Educational Philosophy

Palo Alto Preparatory School focuses on engaging, challenging, and inspiring students in Mountain View to achieve excellence. Our academic support focuses on each student’s growth, and measures it. We believe that every student can attend college. Private school academics are meant to provide a well-rounded education based on the student’s need to master a core curriculum and apply it to real problems. With a student to teacher ratio under 10:1, teachers can work with an individual student, within a small group, or with a whole class. Learn more about our Educational Philosophy.

Teaching Methodology

Using a variety of teaching methods, we stimulate curiosity, invite participation, challenge assumptions and address current world issues. Our teaching staff adapts to individual learning styles and keeps students interested and motivated. Using visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques, we help students overcome limitations and obstacles. The youth of Mountain View, CA deserve the best education available, and private school academics can help them realize their goals. Read more about our Teaching Methodology.

Grading & Awards

Palo Alto Prep is on a semester system and uses a standard A to F grading scale. Course grades are based on several components: attendance, homework, classwork, quiz and exam grades, papers, projects and a final examination. Our intention is to reinforce areas of strength while building confidence and competence in areas needing improvement.  Learn about Grading & Awards.

School Support

We offer an online grading system where current assignments and attendance are updated daily, so that students can see and access their assignments even when they are home sick. Parents and students can check their updated grades weekly.

Staff meet weekly to review the academic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal progress of each student. We develop and revise programs based on student need.

While optional, many students choose to stay for staff office-hours from 3:15-4:00. For each student who stays on a regular basis, a mentor teacher is assigned. The teacher helps the student organize their work, tutors, and assists in creating a game-plan to catch a student up on past material. Find out more about Palo Alto Preparatory School Support.

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Changing Lives, Redefining Education

“As I told Chris, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience for Kristin. The best thing by far was the quality of your teachers. There is no substitute for having your child really like the teachers they have and in turn the teachers really going the extra mile to work with the kids.”

John Radford

Parent of Palo Alto Prep Graduate